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Owner and Designer - Robin Alenda 


I believe that when your home is in balance so is your mind. My passion for design began at a young age and was honed as I began seeking balance in not only my home, but in all aspects of my life.


I am a native Californian. I live with my husband (Rafael) and three boys (Oscar, Declan and Alastair) in the East Bay of San Francisco where I run Alma Home Studio. I strive for blending beautiful architectural design and decor with harmony, balance, comfort and function. 


My home was just a reflection of my life; I find that when my home is aesthetically balanced, organized and beautiful then I am the happiest girl on earth!! (No joke) As I began to realize the connection between inner peace and calm, to a well organized and beautiful home, I started understanding why design is so important, why reflecting my inner world to my personal outer expression was integral to living my most authentic life.  This is where my natural desire to create beautiful spaces and my interior design training began and then, turned into a full design studio that strives for harmony between soul and a true sense of home.


Organization and beauty cohesively blending together declutters the mind and allows peace and harmony in a place that should be a sanctuary; your home. With each project I strive to understand the true essence of the home-owner before creating a design and aesthetic that suit that individual and the home itself. 

I begin the design process with an in-home consultation that allows the designer/client relationship to develop naturally. After this initial introduction and property walk through, I begin the design process by creating 3D renderings of each space along with mood boards to convey my best design outcome for each project. The photo-realistic renderings allow the home owner to glimpse the possibilities of a Remodel prior to breaking ground. I feel so strongly in matching the design to the individual that collaboration and design feedback from clients is welcome and used as part of the design development. 

Each space is a reflection of the people who live there; it is my distinct pleasure achieving a beautiful, unique design that will create harmony, balance, beauty & function~

~Robin Alenda
Owner & Interior Designer

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Interior Designer - Tonya Wilson


Tonya, graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Interior Design and pretty much loves everything about creating happy, harmonious homes through design and decor! Born and raised in Colorado, Tonya dreamed of creating beautiful spaces since she was a little girl. When she had the opportunity to come to California and study Interior Design she jumped at the opportunity and dove fully into her studies and then, career as a designer. Now Tonya lives in San Ramon, California with her husband and two young boys, while multi-tasking career and home. Although its a balance she relishes the challenge of work and designing new spaces for people. 

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