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Designing From Within- Bring Awareness To Create Lasting Change

Something from within is guiding a need for a shift, a change or possibly a new beginning. You start to see habits that you didn't even know you were beginning at the time. You react and the reaction becomes a habit that shows up in all the reflections of how you live. They way you organize your space, wear your clothes, interact with friends, your partner, your children or coworkers, never match the socks in the left over sock pile sitting on the dryer. Perhaps a counter top spot under the cabinet by the back door always has left over items, clutter, keys, pens, mail, bottle caps, paper clips, unsigned permission slips, coupon packs, etc... All these cluttered, chaotic reactions become the evidence you need to confirm that your not good at keeping it all together.

Your family falls in line behind the reaction and follows through on the well ingrained habit and they become your reason for not being able to change the thing that you, in fact, created. Maybe you feel anger, resentment, feelings of hopelessness that this is the life you need to settle for. Or you've resigned and decided to make the best with what you've got and your keep the peace instead of saying out loud that you would actually like habits to change? You're not alone, you are not broken and you're definitely not incapable of change. Most importantly you deserve to live your best life, love your partner, parent exactly how you want and to follow your dreams. Each and every single person suffers from the human condition and is deserving of healing and creating lastly change. This is our soul (nuestra alma) human entitlement to live in freedom and to create our best life.

Can you imagine a time and place where your reactive brain becomes your responsive nature and you begin to see all the patterns that led you to react? A time when you bring yourself to awareness and shed light on the patterns and see the origin from which your reactions turned into habits. Recently, all of us have been encouraged to stay home, not go to work and we are sitting in our homes looking around us asking really import questions. Can I change the way I've always done it, can I live differently in the same space and family. Do I have willpower, am I good enough, why can everyone else do it?

Designing from Within begins with the process of cleaning out our metaphorical closets (perhaps even our actual closet), looking at the contents, identifying them and then discarding that which is no longer serving our life's greater purpose. Alma Home Studio is happy to introduce transformational coaching as a service for remodeling your life before remodeling your home. Lasting change and transformation that guides you to your life's purpose. For more information contact Robin at robin@almhomestudio.com. Begin to live the life you've always wanted.

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