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Man's Best Friend

It should be said pets are not friendly to decor no matter how you slice it, but that's not their fault. Your furry pal deserves classy decor just as much as the next guy, but that's easier said than done.

5 Tips in planning a remodel and considering longevity for you and your pets:

1. Trust the experts: when choosing materials make sure you ask your vendor or designer about the durability. Floors are especially tricky, since hardwood and even engineered hardwood can be delicate. Always go with hard surface vs. carpet (That's just a no-brainer) Any vendor worth his/her salt will have a quick straight forward answer and if they don't move on. There are materials made for just this scenario, so don't be shy and just ask.

2. Consider your pet's fur color: when choosing rugs, furniture and flooring. A shedding pet can make you feel like a failure at house keeping, but deceptive materials that hide that annoying hair ball at least buy you two or three days of house keeping procrastination.

3. Just don't buy expensive rugs: really, truly not worth it. The best part about this tip is that you definitely have a lot of inexpensive choices that are beautiful yet, won't break your heart if they're ruined. Be prepared to buy a rug every 1-2 years and then you won't worry about your pet rolling around like a scamp on your vintage rug from France. You'll just run down the street to your local home goods and call it a day.

4. Create a routine with your pet: Enter the house through the same location every time. Put a handy-dandy pet basket by the back door or at the garage entry so you can do .a quick once over before entering the house. Store a brush for a pass, a towel for wet paws, a treat bin and create a routine around grooming upon entering the home. Hang some hooks on the wall so leashes stay exactly where they belong. This will help to minimize shedding or loose hair finding its way into the home. I said minimize, not eliminate, but its something ;)

5. Semigloss paint is your friend. Yes, flat paint is chic, but lets face it, you like you're little buddy and you want him/her by your side. Just make it easy on your self to clean up after them. A quick swipe with a wet sponge to a marked up wall feels like insta solutions vs. walls ruined.

Look, you love your pet and you don't want having your buddy to mean you give up stylish home decor. Thoughtful and intentional planning to include your pet in your life makes it easy to love the heck out of them rather than resenting their impact on your home. Your spunky little buddy loves you and is your family; include your family in your life and think out how best to incorporate your favorite design along with your pal.

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