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Stop Asking, "What about resale?"

I mean seriously people! We move into the house of dreams or set aside a little nest egg for the day we want to finally remodel and then we build it for the next guy!?

So often I have clients ask, "What about resale?"

Number one, that next guy... he always changes your beautiful well planned home. Everyone always wants to make "it" theirs. So, why not do yourself the same courtesy and make your home yours.

Number two, brave design choices are a great way to add personality and originality to your home. Safe can be the right way to go and I always believe that simple is better, but those words and beliefs can sometimes land us in a sterile and boring home. Boo. Bravery means taking risk, but is so worth it! In this business I become the brave design coach, encouraging the shiest home owner into fun, yet classy and functional home designs.

Go ahead get pattern tile for your entry way or brass hardware for you cabinets; yeah it may be the latest thing on Houzz this year, but who cares! You finally get to splurge and get the latest & greatest. Be brave with your design. have fun and spend your money the way you want to. Stop planning for a stranger and plan for your Sunday morning wake up with a cup of joe, next to your loved ones while you sit back and say, "I'm so glad we chose that."

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